Future Ecologies

Bulkley Valley Research Centre

With the support of the Bulkley Valley Research Centre, Future Ecologies produced the following 2-part series on forests, wildfire, and fire resiliency.


Part One was released prior to the BVRC’s Conference on Northern Wildfire Resiliency in April 2019. This episode features Chief Maureen Chapman, Dr. Lori Daniels, Tony Pesklevits, and Dr. Paul Hessburg, each keynote speakers at the conference.

This episode focusses on the challenges in the disaster response in 2017 (as identified by the Abbott-Chapman Report), the forest science that has facilitated our current vulnerability to megafires, how we can adapt our forest management practices, and most importantly, bridge our differences and reach co-ownership of the path forward.

Music in this episode was produced by Sunfish Moon Light, Leuocorcuta, PORTBOU, Ben Hamilton, Jonathan Scherk, and Cat Can Do.


Part Two was released in September 2019. This episode features Clint Lambert, Les Husband, Bruce Blackwell, Dr. Sonja Leverkus, and Chief Francis Johnson.

This episode takes a closer look at the experience of wildfire evacuation, the necessity of moving beyond managing for static values, and the practicalities and difficulties of re-introducing prescribed burning as a landscape management tool. Finally, we tour a community that is enthusiastically re-introducing fire to the land.

Music in this episode was produced by Sunfish Moon Light, VALSI, Spencer W Stuart, Jonathan Scherk, and Ben Hamilton.

Our thanks go to everyone at the Bulkley Valley Research Centre. Thank you to Leigh-Ann Fenwick, Sheena Briggs, Navarana Smith, and Dawn Hanson for making this possible. And a sincere thank you to the Village of Burns Lake, The Regional District of Bulkley Nechako, and the Bulkley Valley Credit Union for their generous support of this project.

Please donate and support all the great work at the BVRC.

Thanks to each of the guests on these episodes for being incredibly generous with their time and wisdom.

Thanks to Ken Johnson at 102.3 The Bear, Frank Varga at the Burns Lake Community Forest, and Darren Stanislaus at Alkali Resource Management.

And thanks to Cameron Bentley, Simone Miller, Ilana Fonariov, and Cassy Allan.

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