Meet Your Jellyfish Overlords 9: Siphonophorae

Season 1 may be over on the main feed, but we've got a few more overlords for you yet! If you're familiar with your ocean fauna, you may have already heard of the order Siphonophorae, the Portuguese Man 'O War being the most famous member. Listen to learn more about this big, weird, stingy, stringy gang of sea goop.

Meet Your Jellyfish Overlords 8: Carukia Barnesi and Malo spp. (The Irukandjis)

We're back with more Cubozoans! Presenting the infamous Irukandji, which is a complex of similar species. These tiny box jellyfish pack a punch like no other, but you're not likely to see them coming. Listen and find out why you should take beach closures seriously.