FE1.4 - Luces en el Cielo

Photo by Mahdis Mousavi

Photo by Mahdis Mousavi


During the devastating September 9, 2017 earthquake off the coast of southern Mexico, residents of Mexico City and Quetzaltenango, Guatemala witnessed mysterious bursts of light in the sky. These lights, however, were not UFOs, exploding transformers, or evidence of a mysterious government conspiracy - instead, they were examples of a long-documented phenomenon known as “earthquake lights.”

Can these mysterious lights in the sky help us learn to anticipate earthquakes? Can physics explain the strange animal behaviour linked to seismic activity? We unravel the science – and controversy – of a new interpretation of geophysics, and we talk to two groups developing very different technologies with the same goal: saving lives from earthquake disaster.


This episode features, in order of appearance: Edward Gonzalez Godinez; Dr. Friedemann Freund, Senior Research Scientist at NASA Ames and Senior Researcher at the SETI Institute; Dr. Jennifer Strauss, External Relations Officer at UC Berkeley, and Regional Coordinator for ShakeAlert; and Tom Bleier and Dan Coughlan, of Quakefinder.

Special thanks to Riley Byrne at Podigy, Andrjez Kozlowski, Ilana Fonariov, Sarah Sax, and David Skulski.     

Music for this episode was produced by Jonathan Scherk, Radioactive Bishop, Doctor Turtle, and Sunfish Moon Light.  

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